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How it Works

Rules & Definitions


Basic rules to know before starting

1. All users are assigned to a 'Parent' or 'Parent Node' when they sign up. Users that do not come from an affiliate link are assigned to a random 'Parent'.

2. To activate your 'Node', you must deposit some coins (Minimum of 0.003 BTC). You can not get referrals unless your first deposit is confirmed.

3. Once your 'Node' is active, you obtain your affiliate link and you can start getting referrals, also called 'Child Nodes'. You can have an infinite number of 'Child Nodes' in infinite levels forming a 'Tree' structure.

4. Each 'Node' has a 'Weight' value, that is the sum of the deposited amount plus the current balance of the 'Node'.

5. When a user makes a deposit, the amount is distributed among the chain of 'Parent Nodes', proportionally to the 'Weight' of each node. In case that all the 'Parent Nodes' have a 'Weight' of 0, the amount goes to the 'Seed Node'.

6. Earned amounts are added to the balance of the 'Node'. You can withdraw a part or the total of the balance at any time (Minimum of 0.003 BTC). But keep in mind that the 'Weight' of your 'Node' is going to be reduced.

7. You can make as many deposits as you want in order to increase the 'Weight' of your 'Node'.

8. A 3% service fee is deducted from all deposits, so a total of 97% of the incoming deposit amount is given to the 'Parent Nodes'.

9. The first users to deposit have the chance to be in the first level under the 'Seed Node'. The weight of the 'Seed Node' is always kept at 0 (earns only if the other 'Nodes' have a weight of 0). Earned amount by the 'Seed Node' is used entirely for promotional purposes.


The main concepts in use

Tree: The Affiliate System of Bitree.io generates an infinite tree structure made of nodes

Seed Node: The first node, used only when no other nodes have weight

Node: The basic unit of Bitree.io, each registered user owns a node, in this context is equivalent to 'account' or 'wallet'

Parent: The node that is above a certain node

Children: All nodes that are under a certain node

Balance: The current balance of the node. Is equal to the earned amount minus the wihdrawn amount.

Weight: The sum of the deposited amount plus the balance. A higher weight means that the node is going to earn a bigger proportion of any incoming deposit.